Addiction FREE Lifestyle

Addiction FREE Lifestyle™ is on a mission to help addicts, their family, and their friends to better understand how to take godly steps toward an Addiction FREE Lifestyle.

Addiction FREE Lifestyle focuses on creating a safe and secure environment for every addict, friend and family member to better understand this disease / disorder / decision.

Are you addicted? Explore the answer through the content available on this site: blogs (articles), podcasts, books, and courses.

Take positive, godly steps now toward an Addiction FREE Lifestyle.


To provide actionable steps for growth and movement toward an Addiction FREE Lifestyle through blogs (articles), podcasts, books, courses, and coaching.


To encourage addicts, their friends, and their family members to turn obstacles into opportunities through the power of stories (blogs/podcasts/articles), actionable advice (courses), and life lessons (coaching and courses) about addiction and the hope of an Addiction FREE Lifestyle.


You have a friend who is not making godly decisions and is harming themselves with drugs or alcohol. They appear to have no hope. They appear lost forever.

Addiction FREE Lifestyle can be the listening ear (the coach) needed to support and guide you through these tough times.

You are forced to watch a family member repeatedly make self-destructive choices. You are a family member who fears that there is no hope for your loved one to find release from this life of addiction.

Addiction FREE Lifestyle will be the coach needed to get on your knees for the addicted loved one and find His hope for your life and the life of the addict.

Maybe you are stuck in a codependent relationship with an addict.

Addiction FREE Lifestyle will be your prayer warrior, your coach, and remind you that you are not alone. God is with you, and your addicted family member.

Any scenario concerning addiction will be addressed with blogs (articles), podcasts, courses, books, and coaching to help you find His hope.

Addiction FREE Lifestyle is a safe zone to vent, to scream (through text), and then to breathe as you focus on the steps that you can take to remain hopeful, joyful, encouraged, and to find His peace.

Personal About (Bio) – Christine C Sponsler (blogger, author, coach)

Addiction FREE Lifestyle is not an objective blog post forum. The blogger (Christine) is a recovered addict (yes, you read that right, RECOVERED). RECOVERED by the blood of Jesus! She was an addict for 25 years (clean for 19 years) and she understands the struggle from watching certain family members struggle with their addiction and from her own addictive behaviors.

Christine was an addictions counselor for almost 13 years. She has earned two graduate degrees: an M-Div/Professional Ministry, and an MA/Human Services Counseling-Life Coaching. She has credentials for Life Coaching as well. Her life coaching practice is Courageous Coaching and she enjoys helping addicts, family members of addicts, and other addictions coaches learn more about the addicted mind and the behaviors associated with them.

Finding His Encouragement

Addiction FREE Lifestyle believes that encouragement supplies the courage required to achieve an Addiction FREE Lifestyle. Addiction will no longer have the hold that it has over your life if you are willing to take the necessary steps toward godly living.

Addiction FREE Lifestyle aims to share the love that God has for each of you today, tomorrow, and always.

Blessings and honor,

Christine C Sponsler
Sponsler Ink and Courageous Coaching
Author: Encouragement Takes Courage: Building Each Other Up in Him